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Being a landlord is great, but not until you need to find new tenants, carry out repair activities or handle the complexities of the legal side of owning a property.

These are every landlord’s nightmares – from the headache of bad tenants to the loss of time and money involved in repair mishandling and everything in-between.

But you don’t have to go through all that because you own residential property. Owning a property is a good thing which is why we stand in to assist you. We handle all your property management needs while you relax and get reports and money in the bank.

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Why Should You Hire a Property Manager? We’ll tell you.

Saves you Time and Money

Managing a property eats deep into your time and finances. You should spend your time and money acquiring more properties while a property manager (whose job it is) manages your properties for you.

Setting the Right Rental Rate

Your property manager will help you set the rate for your property to what it is worth. You won’t stress yourself with market research, and you also get an ideal rental rate. 

Property Marketing and Advertising

No stress. Your Minnesota property manager will handle the marketing and advertising involved. They have the experience, know the best places to market your property and how to craft marketing materials that work. This helps you fill your property quickly and avoid extended vacancies.

Collecting and Depositing Timely Rent Payments

Collecting rent can be stressful and awkward, but you won’t have to stress about that with a reliable property management company. They have systems in place to effectively collect rent and on time.

Finding and Managing the Right Tenants

You’ve done great by owning a property. You don’t have to go through the stress of finding and managing tenants, or worse, encountering a bad tenant. Professional property managers help you with that.

Property Management

Experienced Property managers have work relationships with maintenance workers, contractors, supplies, tradesmen and every stakeholder involved in property management and maintenance. You won’t have to stress yourself with repairs, maintenance or supplies. They handle it all for you.


If you own a property, then you should ensure you comply with housing regulations and property law. These can be complex and tricky, and the wrong step can have high financial consequences. Property managers understand these laws and can be your right-hand man in handling them.

Minnesota Property Management Services

ELHM Properties offers reliable and professional property management services in Minnesota. We serve Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Metropolitan Areas and Northwest Wisconsin.

No matter your property management needs, we’ll take care of it.

We Manage

We help you oversee your properties. We save you time and money and take the burden off your shoulders.

We Maintain

We handle all your property maintenance activities.

We Market

We get the word out there. We work both digitally and conventionally to ensure we get the right renters for your property.

We Help with Lease

You don’t have to handle a lease again. We handle it for you, from the paperwork to the tours and everything in-between.

We Account and Report to You

We give you regular account performance insights and reports of your property’s financial standings.

Cleaning Services

Our cleaning and maintenance services make your property well-kept and your tenants happy.

We also offer Premium Moving Services

We also provide moving services, including;

Full-service packing 

Full-service Moving

Packing and unpacking 

Loading and Unloading

Furniture delivery

Whether you own a single unit, an entire building, an estate or several buildings, let our professional property managers shoulder the responsibility while you reap the rewards.

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